Dock Inspection

We offer free underwater and topside dock inspections to determine the condition of your dock from the seafloor up.  

A full inspection includes:

  • Pile damage assessment - looking for and reporting the extent of shipworm damages to piles

  • Framing and hardware assessment - ensuring hardware is not rusted out, and that the correct hardware has been installed; improper hardware is one of the leading causes of frame failure on docks

  • Decking assessment - checking to make sure decking is not rotting or in danger of failure

We also offer the following specialty inspection for a small fee:

  • Seagrass assessment - locating and reporting seagrass growth for potential build sites (underwater photos included when possible)

  • Seafloor/underwater debris assessment - reviewing and reporting on the condition of the seafloor below the dock (underwater photos included when possible)


Dock Repair

We offer a plethora of minor dock repair services.  For larger scale repair projects, we will refer you to a local dock builder that can properly assist.

Our repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Damaged pile repair using a SnapJacket concrete form 

  • Floating dock gangway repair

  • Hardware replacement

  • Accessory removal/replacement

  • Partial and full demolition

  • Handrail repair and replacement

  • Floating dock rehab

Call us today to discuss how we can assist with your dock repair needs.