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What Is Deck-Top?

Deck-Top is an innovative, patented, and one-of-a-kind PVC deck cover that beautifies and dramatically extends the lifespan of new and pre-existing wood or composite decks and docks. Deck-Top is a low-maintenance, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly solution to many common issues related to deck and dock maintenance and upkeep.

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Why Choose Deck-Top?

Deck-Top offers what other PVC products do not: a single piece that caps and protects the existing board underneath. Our advanced system will fit easily on any 5/4" x 6" or 2" x 6" decking boards in either wood or composite materials.  


Low-maintenance requirements and "cool to the touch" technology make Deck-Top an ideal solution for a variety of applications. 

Why replace your old deck when you can cover and protect it for a fraction of the cost?

Deck-Top's Key Benefits and Features:

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Deck-Top Joins the Durability of PVC with the Structural Strength of Wood or Composite

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The Deck-Top system is designed to allow wood or composite and PVC to perform in harmony with each other by combining the best features of both. PVC decking products are beautiful and low-maintenance but have little structural strength. Treated wood decks and docks have excellent structural strength, but are high-maintenance and degrade over time. The Deck-Top system offers the best of both materials by joining the two together in a beautiful, low-maintenance solution with exceptional durability and structural strength.

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Concerned About Moisture & Wood Rot?

Deck-Top will not trap moisture or rot the wood decking underneath, and here's a picture to prove it.


This picture shows a piece of 5/4" treated wood after being covered with PVC for over 10 years. Notice that there are no signs of splitting, cracking , or rotting? That's because Deck-Top protects your wood decking from the true source of decay - the sun.


The sun's harmful UVA and UVB rays can wreak havoc on wooden and composite structures, but when covered with PVC, your deck or dock's lifespan is significantly extended.

Additional Benefits and Features:

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